EurekaX (ERK)


EurekaCoin (ERK) is the native coin of its own PoS blockchain, the Eureka Network ( and we have many projects preparing to build upon it using ERK20 and ERK22 tokens. EurekaX exchange that's about to launch, will be the highest liquidity exchange by linking our order book with those of the top exchanges including Binance and OKEx. EurekaX is a scalable and reliable blockchain that allows for on-chain and off-chain development.The Eureka Blockchain is designed to allow for a Transaction Throughput Capacity of 10,000+ tps. The EurekaNetwork in Q4 2019 will also release its own built in decentralised exchange, EurekaDEX, that will again allow all tokens a trading platform to exchange on. Fifty percent of profits from this go toward buy back and burn of EurekaCoin. EurekaCoin will again be a base coin in this decentralised exchange. Having the best of both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains has other major benefits too, means that no matter what Ethereum and Bitcoin ( which means pretty much everything else) go on to develop, we will be able to implement it into the Eureka blockchain if we determine that it will advance the network. More details on:


Tokens 300
Est. value $18
Start Date September 15, 2019
End Date December 29, 2019
Contact Email

Total Supply 150,000,000
Price / Token $0.06


1. Register to the EurekaX Exchange here: 2. Login and update your profile. Complete the KYC verification. 3. KYC verification takes 8-10 hours. Right after your KYC is verified, your account will be funded with 300 ERK coins, that's approximately $18 USD from ICO price. 4. Go to your wallet section to find 300 ERK Tokens.


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