HEXANCOIN is a smart crypto-trading platform where users will be able to invest their fiat money on cryptocurrencies and trade them securely, efficiently and generate profit over time. Hexancoin is one of the most advance Crypto-trading platform which mainly focuses on the security of the user's fund. Hexancoin provide user the securest way to protect their fund by providing them biometric authentication. Hexancoin also introduce the new way of trading by using eStack bot. eStack bot is the trading bot which uses last 24 hr trading pattern and generate the profit over time. eStack bot analyse the market by using our eStack algorithm which is the prediction algorithm to analyse the market status with the various data. Our platform finds stocks that can move with range and volume by filtering the market using the *eStack Model. Price charting is done internally by us accounting the price of cryptocurrencies of numerous exchanges. Trading delays are things of past. Our 100% automated bot with zero human intervention makes decisions in split seconds that on which cryptocurrency to invest. Our platform has 2 models that relies on each other and we are able to apply it effectively to achieve maximum result in terms of profit generated on investments. HEXAN model comprise of eStack Algorithm which works on top of HEXCHANGE model.


Tokens 50
Est. value $7.5
Start Date October 1, 2018
End Date December 2, 2019
Platform Ethereum
Contact Email contact@hexancoin.info

Total Supply 220,000,000
Price / Token 0.15


AIRDROP Rules: 2 Million HXC for first 40,000 participants. Condition: Join HexanCoinCommunity on Telegram. Each participant must follow to our Twitter handler. Each participant must like to our Facebook handler. Submit your details to the airdrop form. You will receive 50 HXC to your given Ethereum wallet address.


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