Crypt-ON (IPT)


Crypt-ON is a multiservice financial P2P platform for making secure transactions based on smart contracts. Besides Escrow service, Crypto-ON ecosystem includes a P2P lending service, a crypto freelance marketplace, and a local crypto exchange.


Tokens 70
Est. value $$7
Start Date October 26, 2018
End Date November 25, 2018
Platform Ethereum
Contact Email

Total Supply 200,000,000
Price / Token $0.1


  • Start the Crypt-ON Telegram Bot
  • Join Crypt-ON on Telegram
  • Follow Crypt-ON and retweet pinned on Twitter
  • Like & Share Crypt-ON on Facebook
  • Register on the Crypt-ON Platform
  • Submit your details to the Bot and you will receive 70 IPT tokens. You can earn additional IPT tokens via referrals.
  • Your tokens will be distributed to your account which you registered on the website.
  • Evaluation

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