Airdrop Campaign Phase 2


STEP 1: Follow us on all the social channels mentioned above. STEP 2: Fill out the Participation Form. STEP 3: Post constructive comments on all our daily posts/tweet on Facebook & Twitter. STEP 4: Like all our videos on YouTube. STEP 5: Post constructive comments on all our videos on YouTube. STEP 6: Clap on all our articles on Medium.


Tokens 200000 IDAP
Est. value $6000
Start Date October 18, 2018
End Date November 18, 2018
Platform Ethereum
Contact Email

Total Supply 1000000000
Price / Token 0.03 USD


1. Post confirmation of your joining on the bitcointalk thread. 2. Only constructive posts/replies will be accepted. Do not post two consecutive posts/replies. 3. Unsubscribing from the social networks you registered for the airdrop prior to the result will exclude you from the entire airdrop campaign. 4. Asking anything related to the Airdrop on any of the official channels will result in disqualification.


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