21 Million (21MCOIN)


The 21 Million Project will smash everything that the Hollywood powers-that-be don’t want to change​Diverse talent will be given a voice. Rewards will be distributed fairly via Smart Contracts Investors will see real returns on their etherWe're banding together an inspired, planet-wide community, led by a proven, hardcore team of creative and production experts to deliver a long-running, globe trotting international story that's different from the ground up.21 Million is the world's first Blockchain Indy TV Series.​We've chosen to make a series rather than a film because we have a long story to tell and because we don't want the project to live or die in 90 minutes. We anticipate five or six 45 minute episodes for Season 1.Our story is a Bitcoin Action Thriller. A Mystery. A Global Manhunt -A quest for survival against Governments and Banks in the face of an apocalyptic crash that's all too real.And just around the corner.