The Atisios program aims at substituting all existing loyalty programs in order to allow customers to get universal « loyalty’s points », in the form of crypto currency and biometric identification. Customer retention is one of the main management purpose of the customer relationship : - when it is successful, it is a significant benefit for the customer and a key factor of customer commitment for the company to ensure profitability in the short, medium and long term as well as a real and lasting competitive edge.. In order to improve customer experience and to support their involvement, a large number of brands and stores develop and offer more and more innovative loyalty programs. These programs remain, most of the time, individual, but not very democratic and more and more impossible for the customer to identify the difference. With the advent of crypto currency, out of which guidelines can work in many areas, make it possible to use « this virtual currency » to create a universal and unique loyalty program so that customers and companies can trade points within a peer-to-peer network on a decentralized information technology system also called block chain.