BioCrypt Technologies


Our company is called BioCrypt Technologoies, The coin will just be called BioCrypt (coin symbol will be BIO) Our website is BioCrypt.Tech which we are working on currently. What we are is a BioEngineering company that has a chip developed and approved for implants which will allow you to make payments using NFC technology with the implant. So essentially you can put your hand over the reader to make your payment. We will start out with our own wallet that will also incorporate bitcoin and possibly others down the road, but initially it will be developed for just BioCrypt coin (BIO) and Bitcoin (BTC). Being that its NFC payments and our own wallet, we want to use the google pay, samsung pay, and apple pay API to incorporate the ability to sync your current credit cards with it as well. This will allow you to make purchases or transactions with your current credit cards (Fiat Money) as well as CryptoCurrency (Whatever you happen to have in the wallet). We will form partnerships with other suitable cryptos down the road. Also down the road we plan on working with the company that is making our chips to allow the ability to use RFID to do all of the same that our NFC chip is able to do. Our wallet initially will be developed for mobile devices and then web based wallet down the road as well. This wallet will be also stored and synced on your "Chip" which allows for payments to be made with the wave of your hand over the reader.