Blockchain Hotels (HCI)


The Blockchain Hotels project reimagines traditional hotels, coworking spaces, and condominiums into a new kind of innovative, fun, community-based ecosystem. Guests can live, work, and play while they travel, and sell or lease high-quality hospitality accommodations using our proprietary cryptocurrency Hotel Coin. A Blockchain Hotel not only serves as an innovative world class hotel with inherent real estate value, but is also a huge contributor to the global nomads and accepts transactions for dozens of blockchains. The Blockchain Hotels project offers access to all-inclusive hotels where fun and excitement are a priority, with stunningly beautiful visual environments, inclusive co-working spaces, amazing attractions, a variety of accommodations, electric jet skis, mini-submarines, and the chance for guests to profit from their involvement. Located in the world’s most exciting destinations, they are fun, scalable, fast to set up, flexible, and profitable.