Cardbyte ICO


Cardbyte is a Crypto payment platform with a goal to introduce to the Blockchain ecosystem the World's most intelligent Crypto Debit Card for everyday payment. Cardbyte is a Cryptocurrency payment platform that is revolutionizing the way digital asset is been spend in the real world by providing an Advance Micro-Payment Crypto debit card for day-to-day payment. We at Cardbyte has identify a significant difficulty in spending digital asset for everyday use and payment transactions this has enable us to uncover an Advance Micro Payment System (AMPS) to handle market fluctuation and volatility. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain ecosystem is experiencing an enormous growing number investors, users and industries and are been faced with serious challenge in using their digital asset for day-to-day payment. This challenge has affected the acceptance and mass adaptation of Crypto for everyday payment. The Advance Micro-Payment System is an innovative technology designed to monitor market volatility and fluctuation to enable Cardbyte Card holders to make and process payments in real-time and at low cost. Features: ✔️Real-time payment processing ✔️Multi-digital asset compatibility ✔️Decentralized and secure software ✔️Enhanced foreign exchange rate conversion ✔️Portfolio management