Clearcost (CCWT)


Clearсost allows consumers to book accommodations in hotels from all over the world cheaper than the lowest market price. Our business model is reflected in the formula ClearCost = Cost price + membership fee. Cost price is the price of a wholesaler + a minimum charge to cover our expenses. You can become a member of the club for money, paying an annual fee on the site. However, getting it with CCWT toekns is more profitable. In addition, placing the club program in a blockchain environment would allow club members to exchange and trade tokens in a familiar and convenient form.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale May 21, 2018 - June 20, 2018
Sale July 1, 2018 - October 31, 2018
Country Seychelles
Q3 2017 - Start of the hotel service prototype development
Q4 2017 - Launch of the first prototype in another domain
Q1 2018 - Start of team formation for a full-scale project
April 2018 - Refactoring of the technical part; formation of the organizational structure
- Start of providing services on the Russian market in concierge mode
May 2018 - Pre-ITO start
June 2018 - Pre-ITO finish
July 2018 - ITO start
- Launch of a full-scale Russian call center
August 2018 - Launch of an automated service
September 2018 - Launch of a full-scale English call center
October 2018 - Lauch of the service in Germany
- ITO finish
November 2018 - Launch of the service in Switzerland and Austria
December 2018 - Launch of the service in the Netherlands and Poland
Q1 2019 - Mobile application creation
2019 - Opening of our own contracting department
2020 - Clear Cost Club Worldwide