Conventment (CNVT)


Conventment is an IoT-based security and logistics platform built for the legal cannabis industry. Utilizing advanced technologies such as Ethereum, Python, and IoT middleware, Conventment aims to become the 'Internet of Cannabis Logistics' by connecting businesses in the legal cannabis industry. Businesses using Conventment become a member of the Conventment Distributed Ledger Alliance (DLA) Center which enables inventory details and live B2B communications. Businesses and organization can connect with one another, request products, form contracts, share ideas, discuss services and more. With products being connected to low-cost RFID or NFCtags, inventory can be continuously updated in real-time. Aside from general inventory, shipments are also tracked in the DLA Center which can be used to resolve supply and loss prevention issues.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale August 30, 2018 - September 6, 2018
Sale September 30, 2018 - October 10, 2018
Country United States of America
Q3 2018 White paper release & website launch. CNVT Token Generation Event (TGE). Alpharelease of DLA Center. Bounty announcements. First press releases & announcements.
Q4 2018 Beta build of DLA Center. Announcements on development. CNVT availability via exchanges & DLA Center. Press releases & marketing/ outreach campaihn.
Q1 2019 Blockchain - enhanced beta build of DLA Center. Updated white paper. Beta release of B2B Bidding. Live demonstrations.