Crypto Market Cloud (CMC)


Crypto Market Cloud is building a first of it's kind blockchain, self contained ecosystem, complete with a own blockchain, cryptocurrency exchange and crowdfunding platform. The CMC Ecosystem has been designed and developed with the investor in mind, when investing in CMC you will be part of all its products and part of the whole Ecosystem, all revenues, profit shares will benefit the investor. 5% of the every company that join's the CMC Ecosystem, 20% of every network transaction, percentage in CMC ecosystem based on your investment and revenue based on your investment.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale November 5, 2018 - November 28, 2018
Sale December 20, 2018 - January 15, 2019
Country United Kingdom
05/11/2018 ICO Launch Our Sto/Ico is launched officially
15/01/2019 Ico Completion Our Ico successfully concluded
20/01/2019 Exchange Launch We are officially launching our CMC token on Exchanges
1/02/2019 Blockchain Development The work starts now, the development of our native C-Chain starts
1/04/2019 Blockchain Completion Our Blockchain completed and Deployed
05/04/2019 C-chain by CMC ready Creation of smart contracts possible on our own Blockchain
10/04/2019 Exchange Development Work on developing own Crypto Currency Exchange starts
10/10/2019 Exchange finished Crypto currency Exchange finished and deployed
05/12/2019 Ecosystem finished Full CryptoMarketCloud Eco-System developed, deployed and fully functioning
15/01/2020 New projects New projects and additions products introduced to CryptoMarketCloud Eco-System