CryptoRevolution (CREV)


CryptoRevolution is a platform to introduce everyone into cryptocurrencies market. Thanks to a synergy between a Training Company, a Trading Company and a Technical Advanced Company working in MasterNodes and VPS Services we are able to offer you any kind of service that allows you to know, understand and exploit the cryptocurrency revolution to your advantage. A full training project on the cryptocurrency world is at your disposal and an ecosystem of services connected to it through the use of "CREV" (our utility token) that makes them accessible to everyone and easy to use.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale Unspecified - Unspecified
Sale July 25, 2018 - December 9, 2018
Country Malta
October 2017 - Join Venture with Coin Double Trading SA to create E-Learning Service.
- Start Social Promotion
December 2017 - Develop of the first alpha version.
- Develop of affiliation program
Q1 2018 - Join Venture with MN Revolution Ltd for MasterNode Services.
- Release of Beta version of platform
Q2 2018 - Creation Smart Contract ERC-20 for CREV Tokens.
- Start of Airdrop. MasterNode Plans available
- Whitepaper Release
July 2018 - Start First ITO Stage (30% Bonus)
Q3 2018 - Release of E-Learning Platform.
- Release of Mining Platform
- Start Second ITO Stage (20% Bonus)Bonus)
Q4 2018 - Release of Trading Platform
- Start Third ITO Stage (20% Bonus)
December 2018 - End of ITO Program and Lunch of Internal Exchange
Q1 2019 - Release of Staking Pool Platform
- Exchanges Agreements