Hey Bitcoin


Trading refers to the act of buying and selling goods in exchange for money or other goods. Any activity involving the exchange of valuable assets can be regarded as trading. Even though trading seems like an easy thing and most of us aren’t even aware we are doing it while doing it, it is difficult, even for professional traders, to make and manage their investments and keep a proper tab of them in order to increase their profits. Investment portfolio management is an important aspect of trading, which involves the management of investor portfolio while investing their money in the right assets, keeping a close eye on the market, selling at the right time and earning huge profits for the investor. Trading has changed a lot over time, and it is now more difficult than ever to manage your portfolio accounts on your own, especially when you’re a novice investor. HeyBitcoin is a blockchain-based platform which was created with the aim to make trading more innovative and profitable by the means of advanced technologies. Heybitcoin is a blockchain-powered digital investment portfolio solution which aims to revolutionize the investment/trading industry by making it easier for new investors to find and connect with profitable traders for effective management of their investment portfolios. The Heybitcoin system uses the blockchain technology for securely connecting traders with potential investors. Moreover, it uses a meticulously crafted algorithm for fairly analyzing the performance of different traders and store the data on a transparent blockchain so that interested investors can use it for finding the right traders for their needs. The overall purpose of the Heybitcoin system is to make portfolio investments easier and more profitable, especially for new investors who do not have much knowledge of the industry and, therefore, need the assistance of qualified traders for the job. Heybitcoin will soon start its ICO sale inviting potential investors to join the project and become a part of the investment revolution.