MapCoin (MAP)


Mapcoin drives the creation of maps and location data using the power of our community. MapCoin's goal is to aid the collection of data for the whole autonomous vehicle and mapping industry. As a platform it helps to facilitate the collection of this data by allowing companies to create "Mapping Tasks". These task are then listed on the MapCoin website and registered users can accept the tasks to collect data.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale Unspecified - Unspecified
Sale October 1, 2018 - Unspecified
Country United Kingdom
2006 - Core team founds Navmii and starts to develop navigation products on OpenStreetMap
2007 - Navmii launches Navfree on iOS, reaches 3m users in under 4 months
2017 - Navmii has over 25m users, contracts with Automotive OEM’s, Delivery companies, Mapping providers
Q1 2018 - Navmii Co Founder and Creative director leaves Navmii and founds MapCoin.
- Development started on MapCoin app and Data platform
- Partnership building begins for app and data platform
- Core team is hired
- Preparation for Private token Sale started
Q2 2018 - Navmii signs as a global partner to use app and data platform
- Voxelmaps signs as a global partner use app and data platform
Q3 2018 - July - Launch of Private Token Sale
Q3 2018 - August - Launch of Pre Token Sale to corporate partners
- Launch iOS app with partners
Q3 2018 - September - Launch of Public Token Sale
- Expand team - BD / Sales / Devs
- Launch Android app with partners
Q4 2018 - Launch MapCoin Data Builder platform
- Launch v1 of dedicated MapCoin app
- Expand team in US and EU
Q1 2019 - Expand partnerships in US and EU
Q4 2019 - Expand team and partnerships in Asia