According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the market scale of domestic contents industry including Japanese cinema, anime, TV programs, music, and games amounts to approximately 1,200 million yen. However, this number represents only the domestic market, and the market size of the global is said to be several tens of times more. More than 230,000 participants from all over Europe register for Japan Expo held annually in France, and the event is held annually in different parts of the world. It is globally recognized cultural genre that even Steven Spielberg who visited Japan this year expressed as “I love Japanese pop culture, it’s fantastic!” Based on such global current, the MINDOL project will create new contents in the subculture/pop culture genre such as anime, cinema, games, manga, and music, with “Cool Japan” as the central concept. In the contents industry, a single content is expressed in many different forms, and lead to a wide variety of businesses. Because of this, the respective markets succeed while influencing one another. In this project, funds that will be the basis of content creation will be procured with MINDOL token, and users of the completed contents will be offered opportunities to pay with the MINDOL token in using these contents. By doing so, the new values generated in the respective markets will be unified and organized through MINDOL. We hope to realize the continuous expansion of the MINDOL token market and assure the token’s stable asset value. We will hold the MINDOL token sales in order to realize these prospects.