Monart STO


Monart’s ambition is to reinvent the $67 billion a year art market with an innovative art experiences and creative new business models based on the Blockchain including securing artworks and transactions on the Blockchain plus sales of shares of artworks and shares of collections of artworks. The Token Offering is using security token infrastructure even though it is named a VFA - Virtual Financial Asset – Offering under Malta Law. Award winning ICO Award 2018 in Paris! Monart employs already a 20 people team based in Paris (headquarter), Beijing (2.000 m2 art space), Geneva, Malta (subsidiary) & San Francisco plus many talented advisors, international partners & major artists. The MVP site is opened on invitation with many art innovations and new business models to tokenize artworks.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale June 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019
Sale July 1, 2019 - July 31, 2019
Country France
STEP 1 Major partnership signed July 2018 Completion of team comprising 15 people including the initial founder team
STEP 2 Social networks launched September 2018 Preparation of initial selection of artists
STEP 3 Initial MVP of community site and marketplace to be launched for artworks sales and auctions beginning of 2019 Roadshow events October 2018 / February 2019 Start of monart STO private sale
STEP 4 Platform development MVP before the STO, Beta 1 version Community growth Open to early adopters by invitation Art Market promotion Presentation and promotion to the art market. Large launch events Beijing, Paris, NY
STEP 5 Platform development Beta 2 Community growth Wide open Art Market promotion Participation to major art trade fairs, large online promotion
STEP 6 Platform development Version 1 Community growth Large launch and promotion Art Market promotion Welcoming of the art community at large. Major deals with partner art institutions worldwide
STEP 7 Platform development Version 2 Community growth Worldwide development Art Market promotion Worlwide promotion and development, more major international partnerships