MonetaryCoin China (MCHI)


MonetaryCoin is an advanced cryptocurrency named after a Nobel Prize winning economic theory called "Monetarism." How does it work? If the economy grows, then more MonetaryCoins are available to forge (i.e. mine). If a country or currency union reports GDP, it qualifies for a MonetaryCoin. For example, coins corresponding to China (MCHI) and the Eurozone (MERO) are available now. How is it advanced? MonetaryCoin securely imports economic data (via an "oracle"), coin ownership determines forging power ("proof of stake") and one can choose to share personal information (or not) when sending coins ("AML-KYC"). A new foundation manages the development of the MonetaryCoin and oversees the oracle. MonetaryCoin China (MCHI) With approximately 174 trillion Yuan of money supply, equivalent to approximately 27.5 trillion USD, the total initial supply of coins will be 1.74 trillion MCHI. 174 billion MCHI will be made available in the first 180 windows. The token will be open for proof of stake forging starting on window two of 180. The MonetaryCoin protocol integrates Nobel Prize winning economic theory with blockchain technology. 100% of MonetaryCoin China (MCHI) is available to the community: 10% via an initial distribution and 90% via forging.