Nafen (NFN)


«NAFEN™» is a project combining advanced technologies in the field of industrial production of a unique crystalline material, which is alumina nanofibers (Al2O3 ) branded as NAFEN™. The high quality and outstanding characteristics of NAFEN™ create vast opportunities for its use in the improvement of mechanical and physicochemical properties of various materials.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale March 22, 2018 - May 22, 2018
Sale Unspecified - Unspecified
Country Estonia
Q2 2018 - Investment campaign. Search for a production site. Engineering and technical surveys.
Q3 2018 - Production site long-term lease. Production plant design works. NFN tokens listing on crypto-exchanges.
Q4 2018 - Purchase orders for the equipment , including reactors for production. Approval of the optimal construction plan. Searching for Plant Construction partner.
Q1 2019 - Signed agreement with construction company. Full-scale construction works.
Q2 2019 - Delivery and installation of the first reactors.
Q3 2019 - Final stage of the construction works. All reactors are delivered and installed.
Q4 2019 - Test launch of the reactors.
Q1 2020 - Finalizing production modes. Ready to start the sales.