ParamountDax aims to provide a sophisticated trading platform that really caters to the needs of the crypto community by offering intuitive user interface, instant liquidity, multilingual and real-time customer support and by enabling seamless, secure and risk- free trading opportunity at minimal fee.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale May 18, 2019 - June 23, 2019
Sale May 24, 2019 - August 19, 2019
Country United Kingdom
Q3-Q4 2017 Idea conceptualization and research. Team hiring
Q1-Q3 2018 Team expansion. Wallet development started
Q3-Q2 2018 Platform Development started
Q3-Q4 2018 PRDX campaign initialize. Website launch. Smart contract and token creation
Q1-Q2 2019 Pre ICO Sale. Community development started. Whitepaper release V.1.6 Main ICO sale. Participation in major crypto and blockchain events and conference
Q3 2019 Token release. ParamountDax exchange release
Q3-Q4 2019 iOS app development started. Android app development started. TFC (trading from chart / advanced) release
Q4 2019 Mobile version release iOS/Android
Q1-Q2 2020 Merchant agreements. OTC section release
Q3-Q4 2021 Dedicated blockchain release. Decentralized exchange release