The RENC Platform extends and establishes a car sharing service, makes a paradigm in a sharing economy, and ensures that all consumers are safe, with no risk and thorough transaction proof, P2P settlement, and fast and convenient decentralized transactions through smart contracts. It is a systematic platform.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale September 25, 2018 - December 26, 2018
Sale Unspecified - Unspecified
Country Singapore
2017 □ Platform Planning
□ Team Building
□ RENC Foundation
□ Development Phase #1
2018.1Q ~ 2Q □ RENC Token Generation
□ LAB Establishment
□ RENC 1st Pre-Sale lead-up
□ Incentive System Launch
□ Advisors, Influencers engagement
□ Development Phase #2
2018.3Q ~ 4Q □ RENC Marketing & Presales, Bounty Campagin, and others
□ P2P Integrated exchange
□ RENC Platform Design and Implementation
□ Incentive System Launch
□ Multifunctional Wallet Launch
□ Development Phase #3
2019.1Q ~ 2Q □ Expansion of RENC Community
□ API,s DAPP’s to connect the special RENC features to the other wallets
□ Integration at at least 5 further most used crypto-currency
□ Common Criteria certificate
□ MOU with allies for RENC Community Networking
2019.3Q □ RENC Platform Public Service launching
□ Switching to own blockchain Infrastructure
□ Payment Gateway integration with automatic rental currency
□ Engaging shopping communities with cashback system for rental service
□ Global Roadshow
□ Third Party integration