Review.Network (REW)


The mission at Review.Network is to cut through all the noise to provide a trusted and meaningful source of data and feedback provided by its participants through a vetted and merit-based peer review network. Using blockchain technology, machine learning and data analytics, the Review.Network will revolutionize the market research and review industry. By creating a platform that incentivizes participants for providing genuine, unbiased and honest reviews, the platform establishes a reputation for meaningful and quality reviews that potential customers can trust. The companies involved will achieve greater response rates to market research initiatives, receive reliable and insightful information, and will be able accurately identify opportunities where value can be added. Our goal is to establish a global platform that delivers quality, reliable and genuine reviews on products and services that is resistant to fraud and manipulation. The Review.Network is focused on creating a connected, trusted and open review community.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale August 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018
Sale June 1, 2019 - August 31, 2019
Country Cyprus
Q3 2017 - Researching and validating the idea
- Created the token economy
Q4 2018 - Raised over $1M in funding globally
- Developed a proof of concept
- Blockchain risk analysis
Q1 2018 - Develop a prototype
Q2 2018 - Road Shows
- Development
Q3 2018 - Private Sale
- PreSale
- Private alpha of the platform.
Q4 2018 - Public Sale
- Beta version
- Partnerships
Q1 2019 - Marketing & Development
Q2 2019 - Phase 1 complete - Market research and online review communities
Q3 2019 - User acquisition and platform optimization
Q4 2019 - Phase 2 complete - Advanced market research analysis