The SaTT is a token utility based on blockchain technology that allows exchange of advertising and audience payment. SaTT is regulated by a Smart Contract which lists advertising offers with all data held securely in the Ethereum blockchain. The Smart Contract sets the conditions for participation in campaigns, quantifies the success, and guarantees the final renumeration.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale Unspecified - Unspecified
Sale May 1, 2018 - September 30, 2018
Country United States of America
April 2018 - Pre ICO Launch
May 2018 - Crowdsale debut
- SaTT Wallet Launch ERC20 / ERC223
June 2018 - ATAYEN, Inc applications payable in SaTT
- Emailing invoiced in SaTT
July 2018 - Store compatible SaTT for clients
- "Mission" SaTT Transaction
September 2018 - Oracles Google Analytics, Instagram Analytics, Youtube Analytics made by ATAYEN,Inc.
- Launch of campaign offer directory
November 2018 - Launch of the SaTT Smart Contract for advertising
- Developer API launch