Xsure (XSR)


Xsure is a decentralized risk management platform that facilitates real-time communication between insurance providers and the end customer. With the help of machine learning and blockchain trust-less governance technologies we have managed to eliminate third parties from the whole insurance life-cycle and turn it into a dynamic process instead of a static one. By using real-time data from IoT devices out platform offers analytics that shape insurance premiums on-the-fly, thus promoting loss prevention instead of compensation.

Platform Ethereum
Pre-sale Unspecified - Unspecified
Sale Unspecified - Unspecified
Country United Kingdom
September 2017: Concept The overall concept was born out of the necessity of having simple and accessible insurance products literally at our fingertips.
December 2017: Team formation and project approval Once the architecture of our project was established, we expanded our team and sought approval from experts in our domain.
January 2018: Website and brand development After receiving the green light from blockchain and insurance experts, we began developing our website and brand identity. It all started with a 25 ETH self-investment.
February 2018: Launch of Lightpaper and whitepaper After many iterations of our Alpha draft, we came up with the first published version of the Xsure lightpaper and whitepaper.
March 2018: Launch of Website After brainstorming on design and implementation, the first version of our website was released and launched this month.
April 2018: Token and crowdsale smart contract This is intended as the final release of the token and crowdsale smart contract on github in order for them to get evaluated by an audit firm.
June 2018: ICO This month marks the long-awaited start of our Initial Coin Offering.
December 2018: Platform Prototype After a succesful first run with our ICO, we finally launch the Xsure Platform Prototype.